Reid & Taylor is home to an extensive collection of exquisite range of suiting of over a 1000 different styles. Available in a plethora of styles, weaves and patterns are suiting in merino wool, rich wool, silk blends and many other popular varieties. Our wide range of collection caters to the trendy and fashionable as well as the classic and understated, alike.


Exquisite superfine cotton shirting is created using yarn of only the highest quality fibres like Giza, Pima & Suvin. Our shirting collection offers a range of weaves, a variety of styles and finishes in the latest trends of colours and patterns fit for exquisite formal, informal and business wear.


As one of the leaders in formal menswear, we create exquisitely tailored suits, jackets and shirts designed from a wide range of fabrics. Our apparel is designed in accordance with the latest international fashion trends to suit all occasions and are available at our exclusive brand outlets across India.